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How is the matter of Customs (import duties & VAT, etc.) arranged? What about Customs upon arrival into my country? Will my order arrive pre-cleared and delivered to my shipping address as part of the charges?  If you choose DDP on checkout, we will arrange customs clearance and delivery to your door. If the shipment is below a certain value (around US$2,500), the carrier (usually FedEx, DHL or UPS Worldwide)would clear it. The carrier would pay the duties and we pay them. Over this amount, we engage and pay a broker in your country to pay the taxes and duties and again) and the order is delivered to your door. If you choose DDU, you would have to pay the required duties and taxes in order for the carrier to deliver your order.

How can I find products quickly?
If you know the correct part number, enter it into the Quick search box at the upper right of any of the e-store pages.  Click on " Complete Catalog" setting if if you're in one product section (such as Printers) and want to look for another (such as Notebooks).  We suggest that you uncheck the " I n Stock"  setting because inventories vary.  Although we display over 40,000 products in our catalog, the specific product may not be in stock today and may be in stock tomorrow.  Regardless, you will always see a large selection of alternative products.
If you don't have a specific product in mind, the two easiest ways we can suggest are: (1) If you have a manufacturer in mind, select a manufacturer and then select the product category under that manufacturer.  (2) If you want to compare different manufacturers' products, select the product first, by going through the menu then place in order by price by clicking on the Precio-USD heading in the item list, go to the price range that suits you  and compare products
What is the "As Low As" Price"?

The "As Low As" price represents the best possible price available for the product you selected if you select the Prepaid cash-equivalent payment method on checkout.  When you prepay your order and do not pay with a credit card, we pass on our savings to you, our customers.  This lower price is not available on products that have a promotional price (such as those that appear on our main page).
Does the E-store remember my preferences and settings?
Yes.  Unless you select "End Session" after visiting the e-store, your settings are stored in a cookie on your system.  If you place an order and select Payment by Check, and a specific transportation method, our e-store remembers your preferences for your next visit.  This is intended for customers that want to check out using the previous order settings.  You can always change your preferences on each order.  -Each time you place an order, our e-store engine remembers your latest preferences.
Note about discounts:   If you select a cash-equivalent payment method for one order (which may allow a discount), the next time you order and select a different payment method (that does not have a discount or a different discount) (such as VISA), our e-store will automatically recalculate your order value.
Why can't I sort products by cost if I choose a manufacturer first?
Because when you select a manufacturer, there may be several product categories.  The e-store cannot sort by price products from different subcategories (example: a laptop. a printer and a monitor).  To sort products by price, you need to first select the product sub-category and sort all the products or first select only the products which are made by the manufacturer you selected.

A Note About Notebook Language and Keyboards
An "ABM" notebook product comes with a bi-lingual operating system and on setup the user can select EITHER English or Spanish. However, the keyboard layout would be in Spanish, containing the additional Spanish characters.  If you want a laptop with an English keyboard, please select an HP "ABA" model or in the case of a Compaq model, please select one that does not have the "International Product" note.  
Also, please pay attention to the "Localisation" field within the main or extended specifications, making sure it does not say "Mexico or Latin America".  If it states "international"  it is an international model with an international (English) keyboard intended for sale to the non-Spanish Caribbean.

For a current list of the International Language and Current options, please click here

Can I Use someone else's credit card to pay for my order?
No.  The card-holder must create and "own" the account. The account-holder may then add other buyers as needed

If we order products for Resale or Export, How do we avoid Paying Florida Sales Tax?
In order for to properly document sales to your firm as sales tax exempt sale, we will need to receive a copy of your current resale certificate. For more information, please click

How do I Set up a tax-exampt account on Latintech?
Register your firm (set up an account on Latintech).
Select your products and add them to a shopping cart but do not check out.
Fax us your Florida Annual Resale Certificate to +1.305.477-3094.
We will modify your account so that Sales Tax is not calculated on checkout and inform you by e-mail.
When you receive our e-mail, login and check out.  T
hat's it.  You're done!

Where can I get driver and support information on Compaq products?  Click here

Where can I get driver and support information on HP products?  Click here is a Caribbean and Latin America e-store specializing in Compaq and HP Products operated by BTI Computers Inc., Miami, Florida.

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