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5MainTop.jpg (24737 bytes) is a Caribbean and Latin America e-store specializing in Compaq and HP Products operated by Essential Computech, Miami, Florida. The new e-store displays a selection of nearly 40,000 active IT products from the major manufacturers of Components, Networking Products, Peripherals, Software and Systems.

Our product selection includes well-known manufacturers such as: HP, 3D Labs, Novell, Adaptec, SMC, APC, Sybase, Cisco, Symantec, SyQuest, Cobalt Networks, Seagate, Creative Labs, SonicWall, D-Link, Targus, Enterasys Networks, Teac, Exabyte, Tripplite, Iomega, Kingston Technology, US Robotics, Umax, Koss, Viewsonic, Labtec, Logitech, Visiontek, Maxell, Maxtor, Western Digital, Microsoft, Xircom, and Yamaha. Products displayed may be subject to manufacturers' territorial restrictions.

Latintech.Net is powered by Klatu's eCom(tm) e-commerce platform, using supplier availability & pricing information, with international logistics.   For more information, please contact us at

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